Examples of Super Gutters and Seamless Gutters

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Frequently Asked Questions

How High does my fence have to be to meet my insurance company's requirements?

Is it better to install the fence in the concrete pool deck or in the ground?

What is the difference between Super Gutters and Seamless Gutters?

PVC comes in all the same styles as wood, but more colors, is more elegant, stronger, and  lasts longer. Most importantly, it does not fade in the elements and requires absolutely no maintainance!

Yes, Tan, Beige, Almond, and Brown.l

How does your company pitch the super Gutters when they are installed?

What are the advantages to PVC Fencing over Wood?

Does PVC fencing come in colors other than White?

Why is Your PVC fence better?

Does your company do all the permitting?


What are the available for your aluminum fencing?

Can I install full 6' privacy PVC if I live in Coral Springs?

Usually we are able to schedule an onsite estimate within 2-3 days of your first contact with the company. 

How does your company fabricate the corners in the aluminum fencing you install?

Why Do we need Super Gutters in our Patio?

Super Gutters are designed to protect the wood fascia from moisture and eventually rotting by acting as a barrier between the Screen enclosure and the wood fascia.This also helps prevent termite infestation. They channel the rain water off the roof and away from the patio and foundation walls of the home, thus help prevent mold or mildew from building up on the patio. 

Why don't roofers reinstall the roof diverter with my reroof?

You can install 6" shadowbox which provides a privaye barrier while allowing air flow, or you can use a 5 +1 with the top being diagonal lattice.

5" and 7" Super Gutters         Seamless Gutter

I have a seamless gutter above my screen enclosure and the wood is rotten. If I don't want a new roof, is it possible to remove this, repair the wood and retrofit a Super Gutter?

They cause water damage and leaks to the edge of a roof by acting as a barrier and causing the water to pool at the end. This eventually causes failures that lead to roof leaks, rotten plywood and fascia, and termites due to prolonged moisture.

Yes, this is our original core business and product line! We remove the seamless gutter in that location which is against the Florida Building Code, replace the rotten fascia, and properly install a Super Gutter System by custom cutting all the beams in the screen enclosure to fit the new Super Gutter. 

6' Shadowbox                     5'+1' Diagonal Lattice

This is by far our most common question. The main difference is that Super Gutters are structural and much heavier guage aluminum or thicker so they can support the weight and downward forces from the beams of a pool or screen enclosure. They are extruded and not roll form which adds strength. They are also rectangular and not decorative or rounded so they can support the weight of a pool enclosure. They are available in Bronze and White so they match both colors screen enclosures are made. Seamless gutters come in about 18-20 colors and are meant for the areas of the home where there is no screen enclosure. Also, Super Gutters have a Spline groove so the screen mesh can be attached directly to them and Seamless gutters do not have this component.

First, we work in coordination with your roofing contractor to decide on the proper size fascia to be installed to allow us to create maximum acceptable pitch or slope. Our crewchiefs use a level at each beam of your screen enclosure to ensure there is proper pitch for your home. We try to obtain 2" for every 40 linear feet of Super Gutter.