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about our company

Our Story

Improve Every Home! its that simple. whether installing a new Super Gutter System which protects the fascia and improves the drainage of your roof, or beautifying your back yard with a custom fence, pergola, or screen enclosure; our craftsmen have only 1 goal. They work to provide the highest level installation for all of our product lines to Improve and beautify your home.

We were born as a result of the fury of Hurricane Andrew in 1992. We started looking at pool and patio screen enclosures and realized the vast majority did not have adequate drainage systems. The results were excessive mold and mildew stains on the patio decks, constant patio flooding, and most importantly‚Äč rotten wood fascia on the roof just below the tiles. We looked at he best way possible to retrofit a Super Gutter System on an existing screen enclosure and designed the connections with a structural engineer. The result was our company was born. Over the years we have perfected this process by improving the connection detail between the beams, super gutter, and fascia resulting in stronger and better functioning drainage systems with these existing screen enclosures. Additionally we work with all the roofing contractors in Broward and South Palm Beach Counties to coordinate the reroof process, so all the damaged fascia can be replaced. Currently, we install new improved Super Gutter Systems on over 700 homes annually which is more than the next 3 companies combined.

In response to our valued customers, we opened up a Covered Patio and Screen Enclosure product line in 2005. While designing some of the most beautiful enclosures in the area, we maintain the Gutter portion is the most important component. For over 10 years, we have been installing custom enclosures with the most superior drainage systems in the industry resulting in greater Value to for our customers.



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Our Mission

In 2007, we again responded to our customers by adding Aluminum, PVC and Wood Fencing. This has been our fastest growing product line and we 

only use the highest quality American manufactured fencing products which are heavier guage aluminum and PVC resulting in stronger and more beautiful fence products. Fencing is now our second most popular product line because of the amazing installations from our highly skilled Fence installers. Finally in 2014, we added Alumawood Pergolas which add a touch of lasting beauty  and elegance to any back yard or patio.