Screened Pool and Patio Enclosures


Each one of our enclosures is a work of art! Our lead installers absolutely love working with every homeowner to design and create their backyard personal "Sanctuary." We don't rush each job just to get to the next one, so we focus on every detail which results in more accurate cuts, cleaner lines, added value. In fact most of the roofing contractors we work with as well as many HOA presidents have chosen SUPER GUTTER SCREEN and FENCE to design and build their custom enclosure.

Lic. SCC131149694

Our Screened pool and patio enclosures have been recognized as some of the most beautiful and custom structures in South Florida. We don't build the most because we customize each aluminum artistic structure to our homeowners needs one at a time!

Strength and Function

Each enclosure starts with the most important part which is the Super Gutter System. They are installed first with proper pitch to work with your roof to provide the most efficient drainage possible. We do not use short " scrap" pieces like many competitors. We start with 40' lengths and cut specifically to each required length, and combine this with better seams and better sealants to ensure the superior drainage. All of our enclosures are constructed with 3 key areas in mind. we over engineer the Gutter connection, and the column to ground connection with heavier stainless steel wedge anchors and through bolts achieve a stronger "foundation" which outperforms all others in the South Florida winds. We then use larger gusset plates and double the required fasteners in each roof miter joint to "over-engineer" each potential weak point for added protection. This is your insurance policy against hurricanes.